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Creating Healthy Habits

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ~Aristotle

As I enter into my fifth week of my healthier lifestyle, I am recognizing that the key to success is found in the little habits that you create and implement.  These “small changes” can be the   difference between success and struggle.  Oftentimes we think that weight loss, increased endurance and better overall health only come when we do something major (like running a marathon, or eating only fruits and vegetables.)  While those things are excellent and to be commended, it is more important, in my opinion, to make small sustainable changes over a period of time that help you stay on track and stay committed to a better you.

I have recently begun laying out my clothes for the next day (including my gym clothes) at night before I go to bed.  This little habit ensures that I am not waking up and spending unnecessary time trying to figure out what to wear and if it’s clean or not.  I have more time to sit down and eat my breakfast, have prayer and quiet time with God and still get to work on time.  This one “tweak” has changed my mornings considerably! And I never have an excuse to not go to the gym because my clothes are all ready to go! (

Another habit I have adopted is that I have switched from diet soda to sparkling water.  The best part of soda to me is the carbonation (weird, I know)  and when I found out that I could get the same “carbonation effect” without all of the chemicals and still get a water serving in I was sold!  Not only is it easier for me to hit my water goals, but my skin has cleared up. Double win!

I think we all can find a couple of small things in our life that we could slightly tweak or change that would help us become a better version of ourselves.  My goal this week is to add one more small habit (and keep up with the ones I’ve been doing) to help me reach my weight loss goals.

Here are few small changes you could consider implementing this week;

–          As soon as you get home, before you do anything else, put on your tennis shoes and go for a 20 minute walk (or longer if you feel so inclined).  Not only is walking a great way to clear your head and relieve stress, but you will sleep better at night…it’s true!

–          Take the stairs at work.  And if you really want a challenge, instead of looking for the closest parking spot to your building, look for the one that is furthest away! Every little step counts!

–          Drink a glass of water before every meal.  Not only does the water curb your appetite, but water is just good for your body!

–          Say one positive thing about yourself daily.  Get in the habit of being nice to you!

There are many many more changes you can make to help you reach your goals, but I figured I would get you started with a few of my favorites.  If you want a list of even more changes you can make, I found a link with a few more for you to consider

What small changes are you willing to make to better your life?  Feel free to comment below and share! I’d love to have some new ideas to try in coming weeks.

**Weigh In Update** I lost 2.6 pounds this week for a total of 12 pounds down! ((happy dance))


The Food Police

If there is one thing in life that I can’t stand and makes me want to throw extremely heavy objects through glass windows, it’s the food police.

C’mon…you know who I’m talking about. Food Police are those annoying, gnat like people who make comments like the ones below:

“Oh…..your going to eat the french fries??? I thought you were trying to be healthy!”

“Do you even KNOW how many calories are in that sandwich….won’t you be bloated afterwards??”

“Oooooohhhhh, girl you know you should have balsamic vinaigrette instead of that dressing!”

“How many carbs are in that pizza?? You really should try to keep those down.  That’s why your not losing.”

Now, no matter how well-intentioned a food-policer may be, they only succeed in doing one thing with their comments.

Pissing me the **** off!!

Who gave you permission to make any comments about what i’m eating?  Did I ask you for your opinion?  Am I all up in your plate giving you my thoughts on your meal???  Oh, I’m not?  That’s right…because IT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS!!  You telling me what I should and should not eat, pretty much guarantees that I am going to do the exact opposite of what it is that you want me to do, if only as my way of giving you the proverbial middle finger (even if it’s only in my mind).

If you are reading this post and you suspect that you are a Food Police to someone in your life, please, I beg of you…..for the love of all that is holy….Stop it.  Seriously. You are doing more harm than good.

The wonderful thing about being an adult is that we all get to make our own decisions in life.  We get to decide what clothes we will wear in the morning.  We get to decide how we will style our hair and how we will spend our money.  One of the luxuries we get is also being able to decide what we do or do not put into our mouths.  When someone tries to tell someone else what to do with their life and their choices, they are trying to control them.  And nobody wants to be controlled.

Unfortunately, food police are never going to completely go away.  They are a necessary evil.

I have learned through my own weight loss journey that I’ve had to develop a new way of handling them because my attempt to “show them that they couldn’t control me” was only hurting me.

Here are some comments that I say back to a Food Policer when they start analyzing my plate.

Food Police: “Candice, are you really going to have those fries, I thought you were trying to be healthy!”

Me:  I sure am!  I planned for them and i’m going to have them!  Why…do you want one?

Food Police: “Do you even KNOW how many calories are in that sandwich?”

Me:  So How Bout them Cowboys?  Do you think Tony Romo is going to get his act together this year?

Food Police: “Oooooohhhhh, girl you know you should have balsamic vinaigrette instead of that dressing!”

Me: I hear that vinegar kills gnats…I really don’t want to ingest something so toxic.  You should be careful!

Food Police:  “Do you know how many carbs are in that pizza?”

Me:  No, but i’m sure your going to tell me.  And i’m still going to eat it.  So why don’t we pretend that you already told me and save ourselves this conversation?

Follow my advice and you too can effectively handle the food police!

And if none of the above advice works, the moment they mention something about your food, just start crying.  People don’t know how to handle tears and will have to walk away.  Either way, you get to eat your meal in peace. 🙂

Happy Eating!

Is planning really the key to weight loss?

As I reflect on all of my past weight loss successes and failures, I noticed a common pattern that I figured I would share with you lovely people.  Every single time I lost a significant amount of weight, I was planning my meals in advance, cooking for the week on Sundays and tracking everything I ate.

And the weird thing is…I loved doing it. Really, it’s true!

So why, oh why does it seem so difficult for me to want to start doing the  exact things that I know will make me successful this time around?

I suspect that it is my inherent laziness and overwhelming desire to spend the entire day in bed watching the twilight series.  Yes…I blame Robert Pattinson for my failed attempts at weight loss! Damn vampires!

I know that planning doesn’t have to be an arduous task.  It actually fits quite nicely with my personality.  I’ve always been a planner…especially when it comes to finances.  I plan every single penny of my money before I spend it.  It gives me a sense of control  in my otherwise chaotic life.  I know that it helps me.  I know that planning is a good thing.

That’s why I have decided to get over myself today and go ahead and DO IT!  Today is the day that I get back to planning my meals.

But HOW are you going to do it Candice?  I thought you’d never ask! 🙂

Step 1:  I’m going to go through the weight watchers site, the internet and youtube videos to find 3 new recipes to try this week.

Step 2:  I’m going to look at what ingredients are needed to make these recipes and write out a grocery list.  I am also going to think about what staple items (fruits, veggies, oatmeal, almond milk, etc) i’ll need for the week and put those on there.

Step 3:  I will get in my car, turn on my Boyz II Men CD and drive to the grocery store and buy everything I need.  I will park far away to give myself an opportunity to walk more (I may just think about doing this part and not actually go through with it….pray I make the right decision, lol).

Step 4:  I will come home and make all of the recipes, portion them out (because i’ve been known on occasion to eat whole pans of meals if it’s not portioned out.  Sad but true) and place in the refrigerator.

Step 5:  I will pat myself on the back for being so smart and wonder why I ever thought this was so hard to begin with.

This is the plan, and i’m sticking to it!

Who’s joining me?  And what are you going to make?!  I’ll share my recipes on my youtube channel (

More fun tomorrow!  Happy planning!

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