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Your vision for 2013!

vision boardIt is a terrible thing to see and have no vision. ~Helen Keller

I spent the better part of the last hours of 2012 cutting out quotes, words and pictures that represented what I wanted for my life in 2013. This was my first attempt at a vision board, and I must admit that I found the process of creating this board to be extremely eye-opening and beneficial.  Sitting around with friends and visualizing my life for the next 365 days is the way I would love to spend every New Year’s Eve from now on (although the occasional party would be nice too).

The purpose of a vision board is to surround yourself with images of who you want to become and what you want to have.  When you place this board somewhere where you can see it daily, and begin doing ACTION (all caps, bolded and underlined means this is important, just in case you were confused) to make those thoughts and dreams a reality, your life changes to match those images and those desires.

As I was creating my board, I was thinking about all of the things that I wanted to leave in 2012 and subsequently all of the things I wanted to take with me into 2013. It is important to identify and acknowledge past mistakes and faulty thinking and replace it with positive changes for the future.

Because I’m such a nice person, I will share with you my top three things I am leaving in 2012 and the three things I am taking with me in 2013. They are as follows:

The top Three Things I am leaving in 2012

Procrastination–  This is a big one for me.  I’ve mentioned in other posts that it has become second nature for me to procrastinate with anything that needs to be done right now. I have been guilty of the “I’ll do it tomorrow syndrome” and it has come back to bite me in the butt more than once.  We all know that tomorrow is not promised.  And, let’s just be honest, tomorrow becomes the next day, and the next day and the next day.  Better to just do it now and get it over with.

Overly caring about what others think– I have spent the better part of 2012, consumed with what others thought about me, my life and how I was living it.  Let me tell you everyone, it’s exhausting! And it made it difficult to get anything done because I was too consumed with trying to determine what others would think if I made this decision or that decision.  Once I recognized that EVERYONE has an opinion, and rarely is it the same opinion, it was easier to recognize the silliness in trying to please others. It’s impossible to make everyone happy.

The “All or Nothing” mentality- I have discovered that I have this all or nothing mentality in many areas of my life, and I have seen the negative  effects of this not only with my health, but at work and in my personal relationships.  Not being willing “live in the middle” causes lots of problems. Either I am completely doing everything that I am supposed to do…or I’m doing nothing. Either I’m exercising every day or I’m eating chips on the couch.  Finding balance and living in the “grey” can be a good thing!

Top three things I am taking with me to 2013

Planning-  My very first post on this blog was about the importance of planning.  This is the single most important habit to being successful in life, in my opinion.  You must have a plan and work diligently to execute that plan. Whether it be preparing meals for the week on Sunday, or creating a to-do list every evening before the next day, planning lets you know where you are going and how you want to get there.

Operating out of my comfort zone– We all have that space in our lives that we don’t want to leave.  The comfort zone and familiarity of our daily activities can honestly crush us and keep us going in circles. Never really moving forward or backward…..just doing more of the same. Well no more! Outside of the comfort zone is where the magic happens! It’s where dreams are realized and where goals are accomplished.  How do you know when you are operating out of your comfort zone? You get that little feeling in your stomach that makes you feel nervous and fearful.  Use this feeling to remind you that whatever is causing you to feel this way is something you must do!

Decisiveness- I have always been the friend that if you asked where I wanted to go for dinner, my response would be “Wherever you want to go, I don’t care.”  It takes me 20 minutes to order dinner and you can forget about picking a paint color for the house or buying a new outfit.  I have discovered that by letting go of my fear of judgment by others, it allows me to be more decisive.  I would like to make more decisions without needing validation from others in 2013.

So what about you?  What are the three things that you are leaving behind in 2012 and the three things you are taking with you in 2013?  Have you created a vision board for the new year? If not, I suggest you get to cutting and creating! You won’t regret it.  I can promise you that.

Happy New Year!  Make 2013 great….On purpose!!


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4 thoughts on “Your vision for 2013!

  1. LaToya on said:

    Love it! Happy New Year!

  2. Leslie on said:

    Is was so nice to see a video from you on my YT feed and glad to see you have a blog! I wish I had a gal pal like you in my life but for now, social media is the next best thing:) Many blessings to you this new year!

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