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Be the best YOU can be!

Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than YOU! ~Dr. Seuss

I’ve always considered myself a chameleon of sorts.   I easily adapt to whatever situation I am placed in, and can usually get along with most people that I encounter.  However, in order to accomplish this, a lot of the time I’ve had to essentially live a lie and change how I truly think, feel and behave in order to “fit in.”  If I was with a group that thought it wasn’t harmful to smoke in front of babies and they asked my opinion….”yeah, I guess all those studies that show second hand smoke is harmful are wrong.   You guys are probably right!” would be my response.    If I was around people who liked to go out to the club, I pretended that “clubbing was the best thing since sliced bread” when really I wanted to be at home watching The Bodyguard (doesn’t it always send shivers up your spine when Whitney Houston runs from the plane and throws herself into Kevin Costner’s arms for a passionate embrace??? Or is that just me?  **shrugs**).

But I have learned, my dear readers, that you cannot keep this up for long.  At some point, the REAL you is going to shine through.

And this happens because, quite frankly, you were not meant to be anyone else but who you are.  God gave you certain talents and gifts that he didn’t give to me or your mother or you friend Spike.  And when you try so hard to be who other people want or expect you to be and not who you are truly meant to be, you rob the world of the greatness that is you!  And you become bitter and unfulfilled in the process.

But in order to begin being the authentic you, you have to accept one unfortunate truth that there is no getting around.  Not everyone is going to like the authentic you.  And that’s simply because nobody likes everybody all of the time.  People can like or not like you for the pettiest of reasons.  They might not like you because you’re too dark, or too light, or you smile too much, or frown too much.  Maybe they don’t like how you smell.  Maybe they don’t like that you have all of your teeth.

A wise man once said “Show me a person that everyone  likes, and I’ll show you a person who is not being themselves.”

Okay, maybe a wise man didn’t say that, and maybe I just made that up off of the top of my head, but you get the point.

Being you takes courage.  And sometimes, when you are true to yourself, you may find that you are the only one who feels a certain way about a particular issue or decision.  And that’s okay.  Because what if the decision being made was whether everyone should kill themselves and you were the only one who thought that was NOT a good idea and stuck to your guns?  I know that is an extreme example, but the truth behind it is there.

And the more you continue letting your natural self shine through, the easier it gets.  You become happier.  You become healthier.  Because you are finally living in truth!

Today, introduce the world to your authentic self…the good, the bad and the fantastic.  The more you let yourself shine, the more you give permission to others to let their light shine.  In the words of my friend Sophia….BE THE LIGHT!

Enjoy your weekend!


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4 thoughts on “Be the best YOU can be!

  1. Great message! Sometimes, as we try to fit in, we develop “group think” and put aside who we really are.

  2. That is so true! It’s hard to stick to your guns in group settings. I’m working on it though! Stroll team taught us that! lol.

  3. Clyde Burke on said:

    Continue to pursue your passion. If God has made a way for you to do so, then his desire must be for you to pursue that passion.

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